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Top 10 Tips for Parents

  • Never, never provide your children with technology that you cannot operate or know how to use proficiently.
  • Open an honest line of communication with your child about the dangers of the Internet and specifically your expectations and consequences for violating those standards; always follow through.
  • Always keep computers in the most public, well-traveled areas of your home so they are highly visible to everyone.
  • Use the parental controls on your operating system to enhance your system's security & limit a child's ability to make changes to your system.
  • Put limits on the times your child can use your computers.
  • All of your child’s Internet accounts should be in your name and you should have all logins and passwords recorded and saved.
  • Know what services you Internet service provider has available to you such as filtering, monitoring and protective software.
  • Always read and print the terms of service for any Web site; print them and save them. Read the Web site’s privacy policy before submitting personal or financial information.
  • Contact the police immediately if you suspect that your child has had any inappropriate or concerning online contact.
  • Seek out, acquire and use protective and monitoring software and keep it current and updated.

Top 10 Tips for Kids

  • Always use a "screen name". Never disclose your real name, school, phone number or where you live.
  • Always tell mom/dad if they receive any scary communication that is frightening or upsetting.
  • Never exchange photographs over the Internet (or through the mail).
  • Never agree to meet anyone in person that you met in a chat room.
  • Never give out your password to anyone.
  • Never agree to enter private chat rooms.
  • Never accept everything a person says online at face value.
  • Never accept an "Instant Message" from someone you don't know.
  • Never tell anyone your real age.
  • ALWAYS ask permission from Mom or Dad before using the computer.

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