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Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP)

The Sheriff's Office Selective Traffic Enforcement Program provides awareness, education, and enforcement efforts to improve road safety across Ada County.

Deputies on motorcycles do general traffic enforcement and also target specific problem areas. Other deputies handle commercial vehicle and DUI enforcement. The whole team works closely with local highway districts to help identify problems and make improvements in safety.

DUI Task Force – Due to the danger posed by impaired drivers on our roadways, the Ada County Sheriff’s Office has dedicated two deputies for the sole purpose of detecting and apprehending DUI drivers. Our goal is to apprehend and remove as many impaired drivers off our roadways as possible in an effort to increase the safety of our citizens travelling on our roadways and also to prevent injury and death to not only the impaired driver but the remaining citizens as well.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit - The Ada County Sheriff's Office Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit is responsible for enforcing State and Federal laws pertaining to Commercial Motor Vehicles operating within Ada County.

The goal of this unit is the elimination of crashes through enforcement, education and cooperative efforts with the area Motor Carriers. The deputies conduct roadside inspections and weight enforcement. They teach safety seminars as well. The unit is responsible for conducting "Post Crash" inspections of commercial motor vehicles to determine pre-crash conditions that may have been a contributing factor to the crash.

Crash Investigation Unit - The Crash Investigation Unit is presently comprised of deputies who have had extensive specialized training in all aspects of crash investigation and crash reconstruction.

The purpose of the Crash Investigation Unit is to thoroughly conduct investigations of motor vehicle crashes in which there is a fatality, serious injuries, a large amount of property damage or crashes of a complex nature that their expertise is needed. These deputies have been through years of specialized schooling and on the job training to investigate, analyze and complete a highly detailed report explaining the circumstances of the crash. These types of crashes usually involve lengthy litigation in criminal and civil courts and these deputies’ reports and findings are critical in these proceedings.

Do you have a traffic concern, question, comment, complaint or compliment? Contact Deputy Kevin Horan by e-mail or call (208) 577-3726.

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