Alternative Sentencing

Alternative Sentencing VanThe mission of the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, Alternative Sentencing Programs Unit, is to assist in developing socially responsible offenders through meaningful educational opportunities and engaging alternatives to incarceration.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office supports the use of alternative sentencing when practical and appropriate. Alternative sentences not only help the taxpayers of Ada County by reducing jail costs, but also give low risk offenders the opportunity to repay the community while continuing to work and support families financially.

For defendants to be eligible for an alternative sentence, a judge must allow the alternative sentence, and the defendant must agree to follow all the rules of the program. Placement in an Alternative Sentencing Program is at the discretion of the Ada County Sheriff’s Office. Most defendants successfully complete the program, however, those who do not follow the rules must spend the rest of their sentence in the jail.

General Criteria: 

  • No Ada County Felony assault or violent crimes, sex crimes (includes Internet sex crimes), registered sex offenders, or Injury to a Child. 
  • May not have an active No Contact Order or Protection Order. (Case by case determination)
  • Anyone who shows up with alcohol or drugs in their system while participating in one of the programs will be removed and finish sentence in jail.  All money is forfeited that has been collected.
  • If a defendant has been removed in the previous six months, AS does not have to accept them into an Alternative Sentencing Program.
  • The Alternative Sentencing Sergeant or Program Manager has the authority to override any of the eligibility requirements.

General information on the Alternative Sentencing Programs, including cost and general eligibility requirements, can be found by selecting one of the corresponding program tabs on the left navigation bar. More specific information will be given at the time the defendant meets with an Alternative Sentencing Coordinator at the Day Reporting Center.


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